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Implementation of quality control on sampled soil with trip and field blank


Urošević, Daniela
Sovrlić, Zorica
Svrkota, Ivan
Mikić, Miomir
Kovačević, Renata
Šteharnik, Mirjana

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Abstract: Dre quality control of the sampled toil is monitored by Trip and Field Blanks according to the ISO 18400-106:2017 standard. Except these blanks, before terrain sampling, it is necessary to form so called Zero Blank, which is analysed element by element, and on which soil samples are to be analysed. Returtimgfrom riie terrain, Flip and Field Blanks are to be analysed as well Soil sampling was conducted on the following places: Kostolac, Prahovo and Coka Korugu. After every sampling on this place the quality control иш rmpiementeri by Field and Trip Blank, as well as by duplicated control samples. Soil sampling on this terrain this carried rat every three months. Samples were rested on Cu fppmi and presented on R-control maps, that also implicate on rhe absence of the cross contamination in the process of sampling, transport, preparation of rhe chemical analysis. All tijfr is confit mad by the Analysis results which are below rhe detection limit and alert limit.

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28th International Conference Ecological Truth A Environmental Research 16-18Juno 2020, Hotel Aquastar Danube, Kladovo, Serbia wmw ec&.tfbor.bg.ac.rs

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Keywords: soil sampling. quality control, Field and Trip blank-, R- control maps

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